Player Registration

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The CYCL subscribes to 'PlayerReg' for controlling the registration of players. Unless a player is registered he/she can NOT participate in any CYCL fixture.

To register a player now use the following link:




In case of any doubt, the relevant rule for player registration is reproduced below.

RULE 3.1  Registration

     a)  All players must complete and sign a copy of the new league registration form (PRTF), which can be downloaded from the PlayerReg or CYCL website, and which is to be retained by their club. Those players over the age of 18 on August 31 of the previous year must also supply a recent photograph of themselves.

        The Club Rep will then submit an application for registration on-line on the ‘’ website.

     b)  Once the registration has been approved the player’s name, picture (not juniors) and registration number will be displayed on the site. It is each club’s responsibility to ensure that all registrations & transfers are complete and bona fide.

     c)  Players not attached to any Club in the previous season, and without any outstanding obligation, financial or otherwise, to any Club in the past must be registered using a PRTF as above but no transfer is required.

        Such players can be added to a club's list at any time in each season.

     d)  A club playing an unregistered player shall be liable to a penalty to be determined by the Management Committee.

     e) Registration by phone is not acceptable.

    f) Each club will be held fully responsible for all players who appear on its register. If a registered player is requested by the Management Committee to provide proof of his eligibility to play under the relevant CYCL rules he must do so. Failure to provide evidence upon such a request could result in action being taken against the player and also the club concerned.

 g) Clubs must inform the Registration Secretary of players who change address or retire from playing or leave to play in other Leagues.