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Rules for Season 2015

Rule changes in BOLD ITALICS

1)   All communications regarding this Competition should, in the first instance, be directed to the League Secretary, details as in Handbook.

2)   Results of all matches, even if not completed should be emailed through to the CYCL Results Secretary at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. as soon after the match as possible. We will then arrange for these to appear on the Central Yorkshire Cricket League Website together with the Group Tables each week.

3)  The points system will be three for an outright win (i.e. most runs scored), two points for a tie (i.e. scores level), one point for an incomplete or abandoned match. Where Clubs are level on points after the Group matches, the final positions in each table will then be decided by the most number of outright wins or then, if necessary, net run rate over the full league programme.

4)   In all matches, in order to complete the fixtures on the arranged night, Clubs may agree to play a match with reduced overs, the minimum number of overs per game shall be five (5) per side. The number of overs permitted per bowler will be reduced pro rata.

5)   In the Group matches and quarter final matches each Club will provide its own nominated Umpire (who must be CRB approved), and will be responsible for paying their own Umpire. The fee payable to be £12.

6)  Six pink balls for this competition will be provided for each entry club at the April Executive meeting at a cost of £60 per Club.

     Balls will also be provided by the CYCL for the quarter finals

7a)   The Semi-Finals and Final to be played on a ground determined by the Management Committee from a list of clubs who have applied to stage the final.

      The 1st semi-final to start at 10.30am.

      It is estimated that each match will last for 2.5 hours.

      Each year clubs are invited to apply to stage the Finals Day

7b) The league will provide the Umpires for the Semi-Finals and Final and the match fee payable will be £15.00 per Umpire, each Club to pay one Umpire.

8)  In the case of a tie in the Quarter Finals, Semi-Finals or Final the winner will be the team losing the least number of wickets, the next criteria will be the team scoring the most runs after half the overs, the next after a quarter of the overs, etc.

9)  All Group matches and quarter final matches to be played on 7 successive Tuesday evenings starting late May/early June.

      Matches to start as soon as possible but not later than 6.30pm.

10) Matches must not be rearranged and will be completed in one evening.

11)The initial stages will be played on a league basis, changing to a knock out basis for the quarter-finals, semi-finals and final. In the quarter finals, the winners of each group will be drawn at home to the runners up of another group

12)The Groups will be organised on a zonal basis, where possible, to avoid unnecessary travelling. The actual format will depend on the number of clubs participating.

13)    Normal League rules will apply except for a strict Wide Ball rule -

     "All balls passing down the leg side and not touching the bat or the batsman's person, shall be called Wide Ball”.

      No ‘wide crease’ markings are required.

     The matches will be played over 20 x 6 ball overs with a minimum of 5 bowlers, each restricted to a maximum of 4 overs or pro rata if overs reduced.

14) Fielding restrictions to be 2 fielders only outside the circle for the first SIX (6) overs then a maximum of 5 fielders outside the circle for the rest of the match or pro rata if the overs are reduced.

15) Coloured clothing will be allowed but must not be pink to avoid clashing with the match ball.

16) Entry is on a voluntary basis, but any club not applying to the League Secretary by 31st January each year will be deemed as not wishing to participate.

     An entrance fee of £10 to be paid by each competing club.

17) No guest players are allowed.

18)A maximum of one overseas player per team is allowed each year.