JH Cup Rules

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Rules for the All Rounder Cricket Central Yorkshire League

Jack Hampshire Memorial Trophy and Wheatley Cup (2015)

1.     Competitions

     a)  The Jack Hampshire Memorial Trophy will be played on a knockout basis between the 1st Xls of all member Clubs of the League.

     b)  The Wheatley Cup will be open to the ‘A’ teams of all Clubs

     c)  Any byes deemed necessary will be set at the discretion of the Management Committee.

     d)  The Competitions will be governed by the League Management Committee whose decisions shall be final.

     e)  The League Management Committee will meet each year and determine the dates for each round. All games in both competitions will be played on the same date, apart from the Finals.

     f) Unless directly specified to the contrary, all rules will be as for the CYCL.

2.     Match Venues

     a)  In the Jack Hampshire competition all games will be played on the ground of the first drawn Club in each pairing, except for the Finals which will be played on grounds selected by the Management Committee.

     b)  All matches in the Wheatley Cup will be the reverse of the J. H. draw.

3.     Failure to Fulfil a Fixture

        Any Club failing to fulfil a fixture by any of their teams, for whatever reason, shall be fined the sum of £25 for each team failing to fulfil a fixture and will be automatically suspended from the following year's Competitions. That is any of the 1st or ‘A’ teams irrespective of which side fails to fulfil the fixture.

4.     Amendments to Rules

        Any Club proposing any amendments to the Competitions’ rules for consideration shall do so in accordance with the procedure laid down in Rule 1.3.7b no later than December 31st each year.


5.     Player Qualification

     a)  No player shall play for more than one Club in either of the Competitions in the current season. Any player appearing on a Club's register on July 31st of the previous season shall be eligible to play for his Club in the following Season's Competitions.

        Any player registered after that date shall have appeared on the team sheet in at least one match prior to the Second Round and three matches thereafter in the current year’s CYCL programme.

     b)  Any player who is unable to fulfil these requirements, due to injury or illness, may, at the discretion of the Management Committee be allowed to take part, in certain circumstances.

     c)  Provided he/she meets the criteria laid down for the Jack Hampshire Competition, a player shall be eligible to play in the Wheatley Cup providing he/she has, during the current season, played the same number, or more, matches for the ‘A’ team than the 1st XI.

     d)  No player can play in the same round of the two competitions for the same Club.

     e)  Overseas players are not eligible to play in the Wheatley Cup.

6.     Playing Conditions

        All matters not covered in these playing conditions shall be in accordance with the M.C.C. Laws of Cricket.


  6.1 Start Time

        All matches shall commence at 1.30pm.

  6.2 Nomination of Players

        Nomination of players is as per league matches in CYCL Rule 5.4.2a.

  6.3 Duration of Play

        Each side be allowed 40 x 6 ball overs batting or until the batting side is dismissed.

        Unused overs are not carried forward into the 2nd innings.


  6.4 Over Rate

        Any team not bowling their 40 overs within 2 hours 35 minutes maximum shall be fined £2 per minute over the allotted time for each match where failure to do so is reported by the Umpires.


  6.5 Bowler’s Over Allocation

        No bowler shall be allowed to bowl more than eight overs. If the start is delayed and the number of overs to be played is reduced, a bowler's maximum allocation will be one fifth of the total number of overs. If the total number of overs agreed upon is not divisible by five, the allocation for each bowler shall be rounded up to the next complete over (i.e. match of 39 overs, maximum per bowler 8 overs, etc). If for any reason a bowler is unable to complete an over, the over shall be completed by another player still eligible to bowl and such an over will be treated as part of his allocation of overs

  6.6 Wide Ball

        The strict wide ball rule is to be applied in both Cup Competitions -

        "All balls passing down the leg side and not touching the bat or the batsman's person, shall be called Wide Ball”.

        No ‘wide crease’ markings are required.

  6.7 Fielding Restrictions

     a)  For the first 15 overs, or pro rata if the overs are reduced, no more than two fielders must be out of the designated area. For the remaining overs no more than five fielders are permitted out of the area.

     b)  The striker's end umpire shall call and signal 'No Ball' at the instant of delivery if this rule is not observed.

     c)  The designated area is defined by two semi-circles, each with a radius of 25 yards, with their centres being middle stumps. The ends of each semi-circle shall be joined to the other by a straight line drawn on the field on the same side of the pitch.

     d)  Clubs must use white discs to mark out the designated area, white lines are not adequate.

  6.8 Weather Intervention

     a) If the start is delayed due to weather conditions, the first hour of lost play will not be included in the equation, then the number of overs to be bowled will be reduced from 80 in total by two for every 7.5 minutes lost, using the overs calculator table, and the remaining overs shall be divided equally between the two teams.

        Both Captains will be notified by the Umpires of the position, and the minimum number of overs to be played if the start is delayed shall be 10 per team.

     b)  When a game has not been completed on the scheduled date due to adverse weather conditions the following rules will apply –

  i) If the match is not started then a NEW game on the reserve date (following Sunday if possible) MUST take place. If the ‘home’ club’s ground is not available for an unavoidable reason the tie must be switched to the ‘away’ clubs’ ground.

          If neither ground is available then, subject to weather, a bowl-out is to take place (see para (c) below for bowl-out procedure) otherwise the toss of a coin will determine the winner.

         ii) If the match is started on the scheduled date but fewer than 15 overs of the 2nd innings have been completed then a NEW game MUST be arranged as in (i) above.

        iii)  If the match is started on the scheduled date and 15 or more overs have been completed in the 2nd innings the current calculation to determine the result (see para 7) will still apply with the number of overs actually completed in the 2nd innings used in the calculation.

        iv) If due to adverse weather conditions a result is not achieved in the 2nd game a bowl-out or toss of a coin (as (i) above) must take place.

     c) Bowl-Out Procedure

          Each side to nominate 5 bowlers who will bowl alternately in the nominated order.

          Should a result still not be achieved after the 10 balls have been bowled the same 5 bowlers will bowl again on a sudden death basis until a result is achieved.

          The ball to be used must be agreed by both Umpires.

        Each side can use their own ball and the Umpires are to use their discretion as to the condition of the ball.

          The wicketkeeper must not stand up to the stumps.

          A front foot no-ball or a ball which does not pitch in front of the popping crease is counted as one of the team’s 5 balls but if the wicket is hit it is discounted in the total of wickets hit.

          One or both bails must be dislodged from the top of the stumps to count as a wicket being hit.

          This rule applies in all rounds and the Semi-finals.

          Any weather problems with the Final will be dealt with at the discretion of the Management Committee at that time.

   Note: Irrespective of the state of the game, the Finals of both competitions shall be played to a finish, should there be weather interference.

        In the event of either of the FINALS being completely washed out, the Management will try to re-schedule to another SUNDAY if one is available.



  6.9 Front foot no balls in all JH & Wheatley Cup Matches.

        Front foot no balls are to be penalised by the next FAIR (legitimate) ball being given as a free hit. The Fielders may not be moved whoever the Batsman is, except where the Umpires feel that a close Fielder(s) is in a Dangerous position, and only then by moving to a safe distance, acceptable to the Umpires.

        The usual no ball rule applies for ways of being dismissed from the free hit.


7.     Result – Match completed

        If the total scores are level, the winners shall be the team losing fewer wickets.

        If a result cannot be determined in this way then the side scoring more runs after 39, 38, 37 overs etc will be declared the winner.


8.     Delayed Start to Season

        It may be necessary for the Management Committee to amend the qualifying standards for the First Round in the case of a delayed start to the season.


9.     Umpires Expenses

     a)  Neutral Umpires will officiate in all matches in the Jack Hampshire Memorial Trophy and will be appointed by the Umpires Appointments Secretary.

     b)  With regard to the Wheatley Cup, neutral Umpires will be appointed by the Umpires Appointments Secretary from the Third Round onwards. Participating clubs will be responsible for providing their own Umpires for the first Two Rounds of the Wheatley Cup.

     c)  Umpires' expenses will be the same as for CYCL matches except:­

          i)  When a tie is not started on the appointed day, travelling expenses only shall apply.

          ii) On completion of the game - the full, expenses to be paid.

10.   Match Expenses

     a)  The Home Club shall be responsible for all normal match arrangements and the payment of all match expenses, including the cost of Gatemen, Umpires and Advertising, except the Final. Any profit or loss accruing from such matches shall be the responsibility of the home club only.

     b)  The disposal of any profit accruing from the Final will be at the discretion of the league Management Committee.

11.   Reporting of Match Results

        As per league games, by submitting the TCS scorecard.