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Premier League Review - Week 17


Game of the day was at Poplar Avenue where a victory for Wakefield Thornes saw the top four further concertinaed with Thornes now heading the chasers, only five points behind Methley, with Townville now in third, eight points behind the leaders with Wrenthorpe only a further two points behind.

A Bradford Premier League structure question

The recent diagram released together with the intended structure documentation has raised a question relating to overseas professionals in the conference division two.

This has caused further discussion and I can confirm that for season 2016 overseas professionals will be permitted in that division.

Some of us see the merit in all clubs continuing to bring over overseas professionals in future years and therefore further discussion will take place with regards to that issue. One suggestion has been that non professional overseas (ie not tier 5 professionals) may be allowed as we see that young cricketers from overseas do add to the quality of cricket and the experience cricketers take from club life.

Mark Heald

CYCL Chairman